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The optimal SEO Approach: We search your keyword, click auto-suggest result (if present) and first click 1 or 2 competitors results. We then quickly return to Google to click your result instead. We stay on your web page for 3 to 5 minutes.


This will increase your time on site

This will tell Google your website is most relevant for this search result

Results you can expect

It might lead to ranking increases already. However, don't expect this! You will need 1 to 3 month campaigns to really start seeing results.

Keep in mind Serpcrowd is the highest quality SERP clicking service in the world. We target your country and even region. We stay on your web page the longest time, we even consider when to search for your keyword. Google knows about when people search for which keyword based on historical data, so we will not start your campaign at 4 AM in the night, like others might!

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